Kastrup Airport

by arrivaldeparture

The people waiting for their loved ones at Kastrup Airport on this day in February noticed a family standing there waiting for someone.

They didn’t seem happy. They seemed serious. Noone was smiling. Noone was talking.

One mother, one father and two sisters were standing there waiting for their last family member.

Their youngest daughter and youngest sister.

The mother had tears in her eyes.

Then a girl comes out of the arrival doors. She is wearing black jeans, one size too big, like she lost a lot of weight.

She wore a scarf around her neck, that looked like the brazilian flag. A scarf she would never wear again.


The girls sees her family and instantly starts to cry. She dives into the arms of her mother. The whole family circles around them.

And they stand there. Hugging eachother. Crying. In silence.

No smiles. No laughs.

Just hugs and tears. And silence.