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Month: July, 2012

I left my heart in Barcelona


This magnificent city is the city closest to my heart.

All the memories I have there.

With people that are no longer with me.

It has made me a bit scared to go back, but one day I did. It was the worst of times. It was the best of times.

What I learned then and there is that confrontation is the best way to keep on living.

Living today. And not in you memories of times that are long time lost.


Barcelona, I love you. But it is time we continue on different roads in life.


t a g g t r å d

ImageThere is something about street art.

So rebellious yet unharmful.

So beautiful, but still ugly.

So anonymous, but yet so significant.

Pure beauty.

The bridge

ImageHaven’t we all been on a bridge?

Taking us from one end to another.

Not quite sure what is expected on the other side.

Not quite sure if the bridge is going to break on the way there.

I follow you…


I follow you.

Deep Sea, Baby.

You´re my river running high.

Run deep.

Run high.