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Month: May, 2012


Know your bubble. Learn your bubble.





Nothing is more luminary than this. 

A view that will hit you with the memories of your childhood.

obssesion can be good

There is one photographer I have been following for years. I’ve read his blog even before he was a professional photographer. 

I love this guy. His name is Jonas Peterson. Born in Sweden, but now lives in Australia. 

Everybody who is just a little bit interested in seeing beautiful photos, must visit it. 

He. Is. Amazing. 


All these photos are from his website http://jonaspeterson.com

Visit it. Now. 

somebody that I used to know

This video is made beautifully. So simple but yet very artistic.

And right now it is very close to my heart.

Last night I was drunk and wanted to text somebody that I used to know. But I didn’t.

I posted it to you guys instead.

I like cool

I like cool

Whenever I’m out of inspiration.

This site is the bomb.

I know who I have to thank for showing me this site one boring work afternoon in january 2011.


Thank you O. 

One question

A few years back my best friend asked me.

-If you could chose one profession, regardless of money and status and education. What would you chose, she asked.


I thought about it 3 seconds.


-Photographer, I said.


-Then you know what you have to do, my baby darling.Image




d o g  s h i t

I’ve been around the world. Been fascinated and curious. Still am.
These dirty black fellas has been with me through it all. I’m not suprised they look like shit now, because many times when you least expect it.

You step in it.

To set you all in the mood

Music is important.

So take a few minutes.

Relax. Listen.

And enjoy.

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